I was wondering how Wu would have felt if he heard Mako say he didn’t think he’d be a better leader than Kuvira. 
(cause he started listening when Bolin started saying stuff about Mako being a glorified butler for snotty rich bozo, and licking the kings boots in there junior suite) 

I love prince Wu so i drew this doodle of him

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Super Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun (月刊少女野崎くん) poster with a vampiric Mikoshiba and a mummified Nozaki-kun, illustrated by Atsuko Nakajima (中嶋敦子) and featured in Animedia Magazine (Amazon JP).

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WuKo Moments from Episode 4  

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"Let’s go with a collaboration, Sasori." // "Pathetic."
"Let’s get this over with, Hidan." // "The condition has been met."
"Now is the time of judgement. Konan." // "It’s time to unleash the power of God."

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